The Center for Environmental Media Production and Research (CEMPR) designs, creates and evaluates media products intended to influence a broad range of environmental attitudes and behaviors.  Promoting energy efficiency and sustainability at the residential and commercial level, CEMPR integrates traditional print media, broadcast video, web-based social networking and 3-D video production with rigorous audience response evaluation resulting in data driven communication campaigns that deliver measurable results.


Based in Florida State's College of Communication and Information and drawing on the strengths of an interdisciplinary team of media producers and social scientists, CEMPR combines the full high definition video production facilities of a small movie studio with the research power of a major university.  Bringing together creative teams with empirical scientists allows CEMPR to create media products that are targeted to specific niche demographics, while at the same time collecting data to determine effective "best practices."  The results are cost-effective research based environmental media products with demonstrable impacts.

CEMPR is uniquely positioned to narrowly tailor specific media messages to particular demographic audiences.  Using rapid response audience evaluation tools, media products are continually refined to achieve the highest impact with the target audience.  This combination of professional creative teams working with social scientists allows CEMPR to effectively impact audience members environmental attitudes and behaviors.