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These are a series of projects I have been involved in over the past few years.

In addition to traditional scholarship and video production, I have also been an active musician, public intellectual, publishing Op-Ed pieces, engaging in public debates and publishing children's books.
The Witches: A Winnipesaukee Adventure


Learn more about the book Here

A children's book, written by Andy Opel and illustrated by Karel Hayes. 


The Weirs: A Winnipesaukee Adventure


Learn more about the book Here

A children's book, written by Andy Opel and illustrated by Karel Hayes and John Gorey

TheMansion Cover PROMO big(1).jpg
THE MANSION: An Olde Winnipesaukee Mystery
Learn more about the book Here

In the third book in the series, Jack, Franny, and J.J. ask Grammy to tell them a story from when she was a little girl.  Written by Andy Opel and Illustrated by Karel Hayes and John Gorey

THE BOBHOUSE: A Winnipesaukee Christmas
Learn more about the book Here

In the fourth book in the series, Franny learns about ice fishing from a jolly man in a bobhouse.

West Wind cover.jpg
THE WEST WIND: A Winnipesaukee Sailing Adventure
Learn more about the book Here

In the fifth book in the series, Jack, Franny, and JJ learn to sail and then get the chance to return a favor to an old friend!


FSU 3D Project

The FSU 3D project was an interdisciplinary project that included faculty and students from the College of Communication and Information, the Film School, Scientific Computing, the College of Music, and the College of Visual Arts, Theater and Dance. Led by Cinematographer Rex Metz who's 3D credits go back to Jaws in 3D, and produced by Seminole Productions Director Mark Rodin and Communication Professor Andy Opel, this project highlights some of the strongest programs at FSU and demonstrates the creativity and innovation that unites the campus.

This is a unique 3D slide show of 3D stills taken during production. The stills were taken with a Fuji W1 3D camera and the slide show is made possible by The video project was shot on two RED cameras that were loaned by the Film School. This project also received significant support from Quantel, who loaned FSU a Pablo editing system and an editor for a week, Panasonic who sent a 52" 3D TV and NEC who sent a 3D theater project.

To view 3D stills from the project, click here

Tiger Bay Club

Nestle Waters Debate

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiger Bay’s Crossfire: Nestle Waters Interest in the Wacissa River featuring Kent Koptiuch, Natural Resource Manager, Nestle Waters, Inc. and Dr. Andy Opel, Associate Professor & Director for Media Program Production, FSU, at the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center.


Economic Development and job creator/sustainer versus potential risks for a treasured environmental gem? Great stewards of the environment or corporate revenue opportunities? Valuable corporate community
member or corporate revenue driven? While the issue at hand is only in its preliminary planning and testing stages, it is already one that is generating significant political and media attention. That issue is the prospective use of the Wacissa River as a back-up, support water resource for Nestle Waters Bottled Water plant in Madison, Florida. Commentary on the future environmental and economic implications of the prospective project for the region, including many in Tallahassee, has ramped up in the last month. Save the Wacissa Facebook pages and Websites have already populated the Internet while Nestle representatives stress that this potential project will be studied and tested significantly as to its feasibility and only permitted after a diligent
examination by many state, regional and local agencies as to its environmental impact. Our two featured presenters, Kent Koptiuch from Nestle Waters and Dr. Andy Opel, an Environmental Communications Professor at FSU, presented significantly contrasting views of Nestle’s history and experience in recent My View Editorials carried in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Podcast: Tiger Bay Club Debate: Water Bottling and the Wacissa River


Capital City Villager Article on Cultural Strip-Mining


Co-written with Dr. Jennifer Proffitt

Read the article Here

Climate change deniers are not helping Florida

Article published Sept. 28th, 2010
Tallahassee Democrat
By Andy Opel

Read the article Here

Preempting Dissent: Tasers, Secrecy and Open Source Media Production


Presentation to the Global Media Research Center,  Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Watch the presentation Here

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