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Stories From The Apalachicola:
An Endangered River

This one hour documentary was produced as an outgrowth of the Apalachicola River Project.  Premiere screening was on October 23, 2018 at Florida State.  Premiere broadcast was October 25, 2018 on WFSU-TV.

Executive Producer:  Andy Opel

Directed and Produced by Aleks Iricanin and Sammi Simons

The Apalachicola River Project is an interdisciplinary effort to draw attention to the Apalachicola River, designated the #1 most threatened river in the U.S. in 2016 by American Rivers.  With over 130 students, 5 faculty, the Apalachicola Riverkeeper community partner and and dozens of volunteers, this project is a model of experiential learning and engaged scholarship.  Click on the website above to learn more.

Beating Jusitce


BEATING JUSTICE: The Martin Lee Anderson Story
BEATING JUSTICE uncovers the system of abuse and denial that killed a 14-year-old boy in a Florida Boot Camp.
This is the prelude to the Black Lives Matter movement, predating the murder of Treyvon Martin, unpacking the same cluster of race, class, video evidence and the criminal justice system.



PREEMPTING DISSENT:  The Politics of An Inevitable Future

The legacy of the Bush administration and its “War on Terror” includes a new logic of surveillance, suppressing public dissent and mobilizing both “fear” and “faith.” In this accessible book, Elmer and Opel show that this new logic stretches well beyond the realm of airport security and international relations into everyday police techniques, including the use of Tasers, the deployment of “stealth” crowd control, the zoning of protestors and the suppression of public dissent. Drawing on social theories and media analyses, this book reveals the underlying “logic of preemption” whereby threats must be eliminated before they materialize. By addressing the implications of this new logic, Elmer and Opel lay the groundwork for more effective resistance.


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