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These are examples of student work produced in my video production courses.

For examples of student 360 degree videos, click HERE

At Your Doorstep: A Sex Trafficking Story

This documentary explores a case of human trafficking in Tallahassee.  Produced and Directed by Amerin Cannon

As We Grow

This documentary explores the food politics of Tallahassee, FL.  Created in spring 2013 in my Documentary Production course, this piece combines technical skill and clear narrative content.

FIND NERO:  Fiddling In Florida While the Planet Burns


This is a pilot project where I led a group of students who documented climate change denial in the Florida Legislature during the 2013 legislative session.

Inner Demon

An unnamed painter becomes frustrated by his lack of ability. After a few bizarre happenings, he enters another world through his canvas. He travels deep within this world before becoming terrified by what he discovers. After narrowly escaping, he is uncertain whether he really left his studio at all.  Produced by Dave Dorsey in my Video Field Production class.


Best of Festival Winner BEA student competition 2010. 

150 Years Later

Documentary about civil war reenactors, produced in my Documentary Video Production class by Andrew Burgess and Matt Roush.

A People Thing

A documentary short about the first black football player to play for a major university in the South. Ray Bellamy not only overcame adversity on the field for the University of Miami, but also overcame obstacles off the field.  Produced in my Documentary Video Production Class.

SHOCK MAN: The Walter Hand Story


Biographical documentary about Walter Hand, a Tallahassee icon.  Produced and Directed by Michelle Kinne, Tabby Syed and Jayce Hill.


2nd Place Winner, Student Documentary Category,  Boadcast Educators Association Media Arts Festival 2011

They Live in Trees

Documentary produced in my Documentary Video Production class.

Directed by Michael Dorfman

Produced by Christina Lewellyn

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